What will you learn?

In this program solely focuses on Tradingview is one of the top 500 websites in the world powered with Interactive charts for various financial markets(stocks, futures, indices, cryptos, commodities).
Tradingview is equipped with a powerful formula language (pinescript) allowing traders/coders to write trading system rules, define your own indicators, generate rule-based alerts, buy and sell arrow indications and more.

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Introduction to Tradingview Platform

Charting Tools, Indicators, Templates, Watchlist, Themes & Layouts

Data Window, Economic Calendar, Trading Community

Basic Introduction to Pinescript Programming Language & Pinescript Editor

Pinescript Syntax and Semantics

Learn How to Write your First Indicator using Pinescript

Understanding Plot functions

Understanding If/Else functions & Nested If-Else functions

Understanding Tradingview operators

Understanding Inbuilt Functions in Tradingview

Learn How to Write your First Trading Strategy in Pinescript

Working with colors and bar types in Pinescript


Publishing Scripts to Public Library

Adding numerical inputs to a TradingView script

Adding true/false checkbox to a TradingView script

Creating a text box input option in Pinescript

Creating a TradingView session input to set a time range

Adding a symbol search box to a TradingView script

Adding a resolution input to a TradingView Pine script

Adding a source input type to a TradingView Pine script

Understanding Date & Time Functions

Understanding TradingView's ticker variable

Understanding TradingView's tickerid variable

Understanding User-defined Functions

Self Referencing and Forward referencing Variables

Understanding Boolean Operations and IFF functions

Learn How to Backtest Your Trading Strategy in Pinescript

Pinescript Backtesting Strategy Metrics

Position Sizing in Pinescript

Pyramiding in Trading Strategies

Building Non-Repaintaing Trading Strategies for Automated Trading

Understanding Tradingview Strategy Orders

How to Configure & Generate Alerts

Understanding variables in Tradingview Alerts

How to Send Automated Orders using Tradingview Webhook

Bar Replay Feature in Tradingview

Understanding Placeholders in Strategy Alerts

Plotting Buy and Sell Signals on Top of Trading Strategy

Creating Intraday Trading Strategies using Pinescript

How to Send Bracket Orders, Cover Orders, ATM/ITM/OTM Option Orders

How to Send Basket orders and Multi-Client Orders using pinescript

Making a Trading Bot right from Scratch

Public Scripts

Screeners and Sending Automated Orders from Screeners

How to Run Multiple Trading Strategies at Once

Paper Trading in Tradingview

Tradingview Risk Management Functions

Intraday-Risk Management Functions

Implementing per day/per week Strategy level stop-loss

How to stop the trading system after consecutive losses/wins in a row

Building Trading Strategies with Stoploss and Targets

Building Trading Strategies with Trailing Stoploss

Implementing Trend Following, Price Action Strategies

Implementing Mean Reversion Strategies

Implementing Multi Timeframe Strategies


Hours of Content


Software and Tool


Learn from India’s leading Market Profile Mentor

Rajandran Marketcalls - Option Hydra


Full Time Trader

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Mr.Rajandran is a Full time trader and founder of Marketcalls, hugely interested in building timing models, algos, discretionary trading concepts and Trading Sentimental analysis. He now instructs users all over the world, from experienced traders, professional traders to individual traders.

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Rs. 10,000


16 Hours Training

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Join?

Anybody who wants to learn Tradingview Pinescript Programming Language to create their own trading indicators, strategies or automated trading can join the course.

What are the Pre Requisite?

Basics of Tradingview Program. No Prior Coding knowledge is required. However any coding knowledge will be fasten up your learning speed.

Does the Recorded Course Access Available?

Yes, all our sessions will be recorded and entire course access will be available for repeated learning from our courses portal. Access will be provided up to duration of 1 Year.

What are the Learning Materials will be Shared?

All the Presentation Materials, Pinscript Coding (Indicators, Strategies, Auto Trading Codes) will be shared in the courses portal.

Whom I have to contact if I have a doubt?

Lifetime access to Slack will be provided on the subscription of course. Where you can ask your questions in Market Profile Channel anything related to Market Profile, Volume Profile & Orderflow

Will I get a certificate at the completion of the course?

Yes, you will be awarded the “Certification of Excellence” from Marketcalls after successfully completing the online learning units.