Option Hydra Syllabus

Best-in-class content in the form of videos, theoritical sessions and live sessions

Option Buyer Vs Option Sellers

Option Terminologies (Strike Price, Open Interest, Lot Size, Option Chain)

Different Types of Option Contracts

Understanding How Institution Hedge their Positions

Debit Strategies Vs Credit Strategies

Understanding ATM, ITM & OTM Option

Intrinsic Value Vs Extrinsic Value (Time Value)

Which Strike Price One should Select - Trading Scenarios

Introduction to Option pricing

Introduction to F&O Margin Components

New Margin Calculation as per SEBI regulations

Introduction to Options Greeks, Option Pricing

Cash Secured Put Strategy for Investors

Exercising Options (European Options Vs American Options)

Cash Delivery Vs Compulsory Physical Delivery

How to Interpret the Open interest Charts

How to take a view using Open Interest and Price Structure

Understanding Theta Decay

Weekly Options Vs Monthly Options

Understanding the Payoff Graph of Long Call Options and Long Put Options

Understanding the Payoff Graph of Short Call Options and Short Put Options

How to Apply Top-down approach to take an objective view in the Market

How to Understand the Market Structure?

How to get a Trading Perspective?

Importance of Measuring the Volatility

Understanding Implied Volatility

Realized Volatility Vs Unrealized Volatility

Introduction to Volatility Skew

How to retrieve historical option data open interest from NSE india portal

Importance of reading India VIX

IV percentile & IV Rank

Classification of Strategies with IV percentile

Event Trading and the Options Premium Behavior during Events

Implied Volatility Crush during Event

How to trade Options during event

Simple Price Action Pattern in Trading Events

How to Trade Post Market Event and How to Trade Ongoing Event

How to Design your options Strategy and efficiently manage your Margin Requirements

Different Market Participants and How to read Open Interest data of various Market Players

Understanding the Option Greeks

Importance of Option Greeks and Option Premium Behavior (Useful for Option Buyers & Option Sellers)

Option Price Behavior Vs Underlying Price Behavior

Impact of Gamma on Options Impact

Lottery tickets on Expiry and Emotional Trading Sentiment on Expiry Day

Understanding Nifty IV and IV Percentile Graph

Call Side Volatility Skew Vs Put Side Volatility Skew

Speculations of Stock Options and How to benefit from the behavior

Understanding Bull Call Spread & Bear Put Spread

Understanding Bull Put Spread & Bear Call Spread

Trading Scenarios for various trading strategies

What-If Scenarios for Vertical Spread

Strike Price Impact due to Corporate Action

How to Select Optimal Strikes for Vertical Spread

Understanding OI Live and OI EOD to measure the Institutional Positions

Margin Requirements for Vertical Spreads

Vertical Spreads vs Ladder Strategies

Covered Call Strategies

Best Trading Practices for Executing Vertical spreads

What is Synthetic Covered Call

Understanding Vertical Spread, Calendar Spread and Diagonal Spreads

Expiry Trading Vs Calendar Spread and Diagonal Spreads

Margin Requirement for Calendar Spreads and Diagonal Spreads

Leap Options, Liquidity in Options

How to achieve consistent returns and reduced risk using Option Spread Strategies

Understanding Payoff Graph for Diagonal Spreads and How to select Option Strikes

Constructing Safer Strategies using Spreads, Risk-Reward Analysis

Income Trading Strategy Double Diagonal Spreads

Income Trading Strategy Double Calendar Spreads

Best Trading Practices and Learning from Mentor Experience

Reverse Calendar Spreads - Neutral Strategies

What is Volatility?

Volatility Trading Principles

What makes the market to go sideways?

Policy Measures and Market Reaction to the Policy Measures

Trend Vs Balance

How to Execute Option Strategies for Small Accounts to get Reduced Margin Benefits

Why Leveraged Strangles and Strangles are Dangerous to Execute

Margin Requirements for Straddles & Strangles

How to use the Option Spread AFLs (Requires Amibroker)

Implied Volatility and Standard Deviation Move Calculation

When to Execute Twisted Sister Trading Strategy

Margin Requirement for Twisted Sister Trading Strategy

Twisted Sister Vs Jade Lizard

Chicken Iron Condor and Variation of Chicken Iron condor

Collar Options Trading Strategy

Framework for Designing Option Strategies

What is Option Adjustments

Importance of Option Adjustments

Debit Spread Adjustment

Credit Spread Adjustment

Probability of ITM

Best Trading Practices and How to manage the risk

Tradezilla Syllabus

Best-in-class content in the form of videos, theoritical sessions and live sessions

Introduction to Market Profile and Aution Market Theory

Brief Introduction to Point of Control, Value Area and POC based Trading Strategies

Intoduction to Intraday References and Intraday Nuances

Introduction to Short Term References and Short Term Nuances - Part 1

Introduction to Short Term References and Short Term Nuances - Part 2

How to Measure Market Confidence using Short Term & Intraday References

Introduction to Orderflow, Orderflow Concepts

Introduction to Orderflow Principles

Scalping Trading Strategies on Orderflow

Scalping & Intraday Trading Strategies on Orderflow

Intraday Trading Techniques using Market Profile

Intraday & Signature Trades using Market Profile

How to Measure Trading Inventory using Market Profile

How to Identify Market Tops & Market Bottoms using Market Profile

Combined Trading Strategies using Market Profile & Orderflow

Risk Management & Stoploss management while using Market Profile & Orderflow

Quantzilla Syllabus

Best-in-class content in the form of videos, theoritical sessions and live sessions

Introduction to Quantative Analysis

Investing Vs Trading

Quantative Trading Systems

Trading System Development

Introduction to Amibroker

Features of Amibroker & Datafeed

How to Scan in Amibroker

How to Explore in Amibroker

How to Backtest in Amibroker

Basics of Amibroker AFL Programming.

Understanding AFL Editor & Code Snippets

Amibroker identifiers, constants, operators

Amibroker Built-in Functions (Plot, PlotShape, LastValue, Cross, EMA)

How to Plot Trading Signals

Building Simple Scanners (Exploration)

Understanding Filter Variable, Addcolumn function, Add text column function

Customizing Scanners & Formatting Scanner output

Real-time Scanners

Difference between IIF, WriteIF, IF functions

How to Write Nested IIF Functions

Live Examples on Exploration (Live Coding)

How to compare Current data with past datasets

Where to Get the Complete list of Amibroker Built-in Functions Understanding Valuewhen Function

Understanding Barssince Function

Understanding HHV, LLV, Highest, Lowest, Highestsince, LowestSince Understanding Param Functions & Controls

Understanding Classical Indicators Built-in Functions (MACD, Bollinger, ATR, CCI..etc)

Understanding Exrem Function

Building Simple Donchian Channel Breakout Strategy

Building Your First Trading Strategy

Understanding Basic Building blocks in a trading strategy

Backtesting your trading strategy

Portfolio level backtesting

Backtesting Ema Crossover, Supertrend Trading System

Backtesting Vlintra V5 – Nifty & Bank Nifty 5min trend following system

CAGR Overview

Equity Curve and Drawdown

Maximum Drawdown and CAR/MDD

Risk-Adjusted Return

Sharp Ratio and Sortino Ratio

Payoff and Profit Factor

Recovery Factor


Different Backtesting modes available in Amibroker
Creating your Backtesting Template
Applying Stops and Targets to your Trading Strategy
Building First Intraday Trading Strategy
Building End of the Candle Execution Strategies
Basic optimization techniques

Building Non-Repainting Strategies
Building Intra-Bar Execution Strategies (Limit Order)
Understanding Multi timeframe Functions

How to Send Alerts to Output Window
How to Send Voice Alert
How to Send Sound Alert
How to Send Popup Alert
How to Send Alerts to Smartphones using Push Bullet
How to use AlertIF, Say, PopupWindow, SendEmail, Play sound function
How to Configure Gmail SMTP and How to Install SSL Addon tool for sending Email Alerts using Amibroker
How to use ParamTrigger & Param Toggle Function and what are the core differences between the two.
How to use Javascript, VB Script inside Amibroker AFL

What is Optimization? and How to Perform Optimization?
Exhaustive Optimization Vs Smart Optimization
Smart Optimizers SPSO, TRIBES, CMA-ES
What is Curve Fitting and How to Avoid Curve Fitting
What is Walk Forward Testing? and the Importance of Walk Forward Testing
Monte-Carlo simulation for Strategy Validation
Importance of Slippage Handling and other Transaction Cost Analysis

What is API?
How to Create API from Algomojo
What is Algomojo (Web Based Algo Trading Platform)
How to send Automated Orders using Broker API
How the Orders form Amibroker is sent via Broker API to Exchange
Amibroker Configuration Settings for Automated Trading
Video Links to Learn more about Algomojo Free API

Amibroker Low-Level GFX Functions
How to use the Set the font, Set the GFX background mode
How to use GFX Pen, Brush
How to understand co-ordinates
How to draw a Dashboard with Profit and Loss
Difference between Last value and Selected Value Function
Using the Status function to retrieve the pixel width and height
Difference between Barcount and Barindex
What is Quick AFL? How to turn off Quick AFL
How to use advance looping
How to plot trailing stop using the Advance loop method
Introduction to Advanced Looping
How to use Advance looping to plot Supertrend
Different Phases & Flags used in Advance looping to plot the Supertrend trailing stoploss

How to apply stop loss, profit target, N-Bar stop, Trailing Stop in Amibroker using Backtester Settings
How to use Applystop Function in Amibroker (Types, Modes of Stoploss)
How to plot initial stoploss

How to apply trace & tracef functions
How to use Amibroker AFL Debugger
Debugging Settings, Settings Breakpoints & Watching Variables
File Operations in Amibroker
Reading CSV,TXT files data using Amibroker
Exporting CSV,TXT files data from Amibroker Database

How to Backtest Pair Trading Strategies in Amibroker
Introduction to Correlation & Co-Integration Functions
Unit Root Testing
Augmented Dickey-Fuller (ADF) Test

What are the challenged faced while coding multi-strike options backtesting
What are the solutions to fix multi-strike options backtesting
Sample code walkthrough and how to create a template for Multi-Strike Options Backtesting
How to Create a Portfolio of Symbols for Options Backtesting
Ideas to implement the backtesting for multiple years of Options data


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Mr.Rajandran is a Full time trader and founder of Marketcalls, hugely interested in building timing models, algos, discretionary trading concepts and Trading Sentimental analysis. He now instructs users all over the world, from experienced traders, professional traders to individual traders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is market profile?

Market Profile is an Institutional grade visualization tool which explain what kind of trading behavior is happening in the markets.

Why market profile is used in option hydra?

Market Profile in Option Hydra helps traders to take view based trading and also to manage their risk.

What Will You Learn?

Foundational Futures & Options Trading Basics, Understanding Option Greeks, Volatility, Time Decay and Option Tools etc.,

Who is this course for?

Full time and Part time Traders, Option Traders, Traders who are enthuastic to learn

Do you provide recorded video access?

Yes, all the sessions are recorded and the access will be provided for One year.

Do I get post training support?

Yes, We do provide post training support in the Community webinars(Lifetime Support).

What is a community webinar?

Community webinar are currently accessible only to workshop participants to enhance their Trading Skills.
In a month 1-2 hours will be dedicated to learn the existing concepts better and if any new strategies are implemented it will be part of community webinar.

Is there any chat support during live markets?

Yes, We do provide chat access to our private trading group(Slack) to learn during live markets where traders can ask questions, listen to the experts and learn how strategies are implemented during live markets.
It is life time access to all the workshop participants.