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Best-in-class content in the form of videos, theoritical sessions and live sessions

Introduction to Market Profile and Aution Market Theory

Brief Introduction to Point of Control, Value Area and POC based Trading Strategies

Intoduction to Intraday References and Intraday Nuances

Introduction to Short Term References and Short Term Nuances - Part 1

Introduction to Short Term References and Short Term Nuances - Part 2

How to Measure Market Confidence using Short Term & Intraday References

Introduction to Orderflow, Orderflow Concepts

Introduction to Orderflow Principles

Scalping Trading Strategies on Orderflow

Scalping & Intraday Trading Strategies on Orderflow

Intraday Trading Techniques using Market Profile

Intraday & Signature Trades using Market Profile

How to Measure Trading Inventory using Market Profile

How to Identify Market Tops & Market Bottoms using Market Profile

Combined Trading Strategies using Market Profile & Orderflow

Risk Management & Stoploss management while using Market Profile & Orderflow


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Orderflow Strategies


Learn from India’s leading Market Profile Mentor

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Full Time Trader

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Mr.Rajandran is a Full time trader and founder of Marketcalls, hugely interested in building timing models, algos, discretionary trading concepts and Trading Sentimental analysis. He now instructs users all over the world, from experienced traders, professional traders to individual traders.

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  • Total 85 hours of Online Workshop
  • More than 20 days of Live Daily Market Commentary
  • Access to Live Trading Room
  • Access to Slack Community Chat
  • Access to Previous Recorded Webinars

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TradeZilla 2.0?

Tradezilla 2.0 is an institutional grade mentorship program for active traders who want to master their trading skills using Market Profile and Orderflow.

Why Market Profile and Orderflow?

Market Profile and Orderflow are Institutional grade visualization tools which explain what kind of trading behavior is happening in the markets, how the interaction between buyers and sellers happens. By studying the information generated by Market Profile and Orderflow one will be able to position better in changing market dynamics and will be able to handle any market situations/ market instruments.

What one will be Reading from Market Profile Charts?

We use Market Profile to read primarily the Market Generated information in the form of Profile Distribution. By reading the profile distribution one will be able to calibrate
- How intraday players and short term traders drive the auctions
- How long term players drive the auctions
- what is the current market confidence exhibited by the market participants

What one will be reading from Orderflow Charts?

We use orderflow to visualize market orders. It is a study about how interaction between market buy orders and market sell orders happen at each and every price level.
By reading the orderflow information one will be able to calibrate
- Where momentum buyers/sellers are stepping in
- Where trend exhaustion/momentum exhaustion is happening
- How to read Big Orders generated during market hours

How much time it will take to learn market profile and orderflow?

Both Market Profile and Orderflow are highly intensive subjects. It will take 1 month to learn and approximately 3-6 months of practice to get used to the newer information generated from Market Profile and Orderflow and More the screen time one is going to have, better their trading decisions are. It is more of skill-based trading.

What one will be learning during Live training sessions?

Live market training sessions are mostly focused on
- How to prepare for the trading day
- High probable auction behavior towards Key reference levels
- Deriving the context from market generated information

What is the success ratio of Market Profile/ Orderflow Charts?

Both Market Profile/Orderflow is a skill-based market reading. One will acquire greater skill only he is able to give a time commitment to learn & practice.
Higher success ratio is purely skill based and requires a good screentime practice.

How Trading decisions are taken using Market Profile and Orderflow?

Trading decisions are categorized into three

- Pre Market Analysis
- Live Analysis
- Post Market Analysis